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What you'll be doing

As a disability assessor, you’ll combine your compassion and insight to understand the complex, unique living conditions of people with health conditions and impairments. You’ll be trained to use your skills in a different way, learning on the job from your colleagues and mentors to understand lots of different cases and conditions.

You'll use your clinical expertise and experience to:

Conduct face-to-face interviews

Acting in a reassuring and supportive manner, you’ll ask the right questions to understand the applicant’s condition(s) and build a detailed picture of how this impacts their life. You’ll have a schedule of appointments to attend, either at an assessment centre or in the applicant’s home.

Review and analyse supporting evidence from other experts

Drawing on your existing knowledge, you’ll understand the implications of the applicant’s condition on their day-to-day life in conjunction with the evidence provided from other experts.

Produce comprehensive and impartial reports

Following your appointments you’ll manage your time appropriately to write up your detailed assessment reports. You’ll have ongoing mentoring to ensure each report meets the quality standard before it’s submitted to the DWP/DfC. The DWC/DfC will then make an informed decision about the level of support a applicant needs in order to live a full and independent life.

Disability assessment is often challenging, but at Capita PIP you’ll be trained to use your existing skills to meet those challenges head on. You’ll learn on the job from your colleagues and mentors, and you’ll be supported on an ongoing basis as your career continues to develop.